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Bodegas y Vinedos O.Fournier (Spain) 



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Location and Climate:

The Ribera del Duero region, where the estate is located, is at an approximate altitude of 700 to 800 metres above sea level. This altitude produces an extreme climate change between day and night (an approximate difference of 18° to 20°C) helping to produce wines with an excellent colour, structure, acidity and suitability for ageing in barrels. The climate is continental with an Atlantic influence. The rainfall is moderate, from 400 to 600 mm per year, mainly in Spring and Autumn, with sporadic precipitations from storms during Summer. An annual average of 2,200 hours sunlight allows excellent grape ripeness. The rigours of the climate, with the aforementioned temperature differences and low precipitations, determine low but high quality grape yields.
In general, the soils of the winery’s Ribera del Duero vineyards vary significantly but the predominant types are rocky, calcareous, sandy and clay. Most of the soils have very low organic material component, making it easier to obtain high quality grapes.



O. Fournier rebuilt the existing winery and equipped it with the latest technology. It has a capacity of 325,000 litres in stainless steel, and cement vats ranging from 4,000 to 25,000 litres in capacity. The new winery has been designed to work with gravity to minimise the use of pumps. 

The cellar can hold up to 2,000 oak barrels at a constant temperature and humidity. A small luxury hotel and restaurant will also be built near the winery to accommodate visitors.

The main features of the O. Fournier group are:

  • Ownership and/or control of old high-quality vineyards
  • Use of latest viticultural and winemaking technology
  • Local winemakers with international experience
  • Professionalism in all aspects of the business
  • Financial soundness and strength of Shareholders
  • Balance between winemaking and selling between Europe and New World.

The winery’s objective is to produce high quality wines using grapes from their own vineyards with a total production of 250,000 bottles from a current 80,000 bottles. The main variety grown is Tinta del País (Tempranillo).


O. Fournier Group was founded in 2000. Their main objective is to become an international group focused on high-quality wines. They are planning to produce approximately 1.5 million bottles in different regions such as Argentina, Chile, Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Douro (Portugal). To date, the group owns estates in Mendoza and Ribera del Duero.


Viticulture Information:

Harvesting: The grapes are picked manually, by the winery’s own workers, and placed in 18kg boxes, allowing the Bodega to control the quality of the grapes right from the vineyard. 

Grape selection: The best grape clusters are selected at a sorting table. 

Crushing: The winery uses a crushing-destemming machine, with adjustable stainless steel rolls. Only half of the grapes are crushed. The grapes fall inside the vats via gravity, avoiding the use of pumps. 

FermentationThe winery’s stainless steel, cement vats and French oak vats are all equipped with hot and cold-water devices. Since the 2002 harvest, the company has used dry ice for the cold maceration of its best wines.

Pressing: The winery uses a vertical hydraulic basket press with electronic pressure control for pressing the marc. 

Ageing: The ageing process takes place in 225 litre barrels, 80 per cent are made of French oak and the rest of American oak. The barrels are stored in cellars, where the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled.


Spiga, is aged approximately 12 months in oak barrels (new and first use barrels) and six to 12 months in the bottle. 

Alfa Spiga, their top wine, will stay approximately 18 months in new oak every year and at least one year in the bottle. Oak barrels will come from the top French and Spanish coopers and will be 80% French oak and 20% American oak. 

Bodegas y Viñedos O.Fournier will not bring these wines to the market under the "crianza", "reserva" and "gran reserva" denominations in order to provide maximum flexibility and thus focusing exclusively on the quality of the wines. 

Urban Oak Ribera, a wine aged 3 months in French oak barrels.


Grupo O. Fournier:

  • Founder: Natalia Ortega Gil-Fournier
  • Founder, President: José Manuel OrtegaGil-Fournier
  • Founder, Operations Manager: José Luís Buesa Ruiz
  • Chief Winemaker: José Mario Spisso

O. Fournier Ribera del Duero, Spain:

  • Winemaker: Laura Terrazas 
  • Vineyard Advisor: Oscar Lescure