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Location: Luján de Cuyo – Mendoza, Argentina 

Winery: Lagarde, with 110 years of history, still preserves the magic of artisan production. The winery was founded in 1897 by Captain Jose Angel Pereira and, having none of his own descendants to continue the winery, was sold in 1977 to the Pescarmona family who continue to preserve the tradition of creating high quality wines from Lagarde’s own vineyards. Lagarde is a member and founder of the first Controlled Appellation of Origin in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.

Lagarde is a traditional winery that has preserved its original framework since its foundation in 1897. Besides maintaining its century-old identity and culture, Lagarde invests in the highest technology to guarantee excellent quality wines. 

The winery’s total capacity is 1,600,000 litres, of which 35% belongs to stainless steel tanks, and 65% to small and medium epoxy-coated concrete pools. Lagarde owns 800 oak casks (85% French oak and 15% American oak) that are renewed every 3 years. The high-end wines only use brand new French oak casks. 

Vineyards: The alluvial clay, sand and rock soils of these areas are low in organic material, naturally controlling vine vigour and yield. The mountainous formations also offers excellent drainage, allowing the vines roots to dig deep into the rocky soil without finding alternative water sources which would permit constant growth. This provides ideal conditions for the growth of top-quality grapevines. Today, Lagarde has 700 acres and a production capacity of 2,450,000 litres. 


  • Juan Roby Stordeur – Head Winemaker, Agronomist and Oenologist