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Yzaguirre Vermouth


Location: DO Tarragona, Spain

Our Wines: Check out Yzaguirre Vermouths & Sangria.


History & Philosophy
Since it was founded in 1884, Yzaguirre has been making wine in accordance with the traditional methods and exclusive, secret formulas, while at the same time innovating and updating processes to ensure achievement of the highest quality across the range.

They craft Vermouths: Classic, Reserva, Premium Rosé and Francisco Simó y Cia plus top quality sangria.


Meticulous Production
At the winery in El Morell, between Reus and Tarragona, meticulous production processes are followed to craft the range of Vermouths with ageing in oak barrels for one or two years. 


Traditional Methods
More than 80 herbs and spices are used in a very special, exclusive formula, guarded by the family since 1884. Main Plants and Herbs: - Coriander: Coriandrum sativum - Rhubarb leaf: Reum rhabarbarum - Clove: Syzgium aromaticum - Cinnamon: Cinnamomum verum - Vanilla: Vanilla planifolia - Thyme: Thymus vulgaris - Elder sage: Sambucus nigra - Lemon peel: Citrus x limon - Orange peel: Citrus x sinensis and Citrus x aurantium - Mille flowers; Hydrangea macrophylla - Milk thistle: Sylibum marianum - Oregano: Origanum vulgare









Yzaguirre Vermouth