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Mambrilla de Castrejón, Burgos – Ribera del Duero, Spain


In the 1980s, before the Ribera del Duero became a fashionable winemaking area, José Manuel Vizcarra Aguado was a pioneer in planting new vineyards. In 1991 his son Juan Carlos Vizcarra Ramos followed in his father’s footsteps by initially making young wines, but later elaborating aged wines.

Nowadays, Juan Carlos Vizcarra, the oenologist, is also investigating and elaborating micro-vinifications of grapes from old plots.


Immersed in the area known as “Ribera del Duero’s Heart”, the 35 hectares of Tinto fino (the local name for the Tempranillo variety), are grown in bush vines or trained on wired vines. One hectare of Merlot and some other plots with other foreign varieties provide the basis for creating wines with their own personality.


The vineyard is divided into different pagos (plots) located in the municipalities of Mambrilla Castrejon and Roa de Duero. Highlights: Los Barriles and Carrascal for their antiquity, without underestimating the Ambuena, el Oro, las Arras, Tras de San Pedro, Senda del Oro and Torralvo. The grapes are harvested at optimum maturity and completely by hand into boxes of 7 or 9kg and transported with great care to the cellar. All the grapes go through the selection table.


In 2007, they started making wine in new facilities where gravity is used in the whole process (pump over, wine press, run off and rack and return) and avoid the use of pumps in order to obtain intense aromas and soft tannins.


These systems are undertaken with the utmost respect to the end product. The personality and elegance of the resulting wines stand out due to the combination of careful viticulture work, environmentally friendly processes, and low fruit yields.