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Compania de Vinos Trico




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Compañía de Vinos Tricówas created with the aim of displaying the vast experience José Antonio López had gained since 1985 in winemaking as well as in viticulture. Formerly with Bodegas Morgadio and later with Lusco, José Antonio came to several conclusions:

  • The total and absolute conviction that the Rías Baixas subzone, Condado do Tea, is the most suitable for the kind of viticulture they need.
  • Albariño, despite much being said to the contrary, is a variety with vast aging potential, comparable to any great European wine.
  • In order to reach the above-mentioned goal, they have a wide range of plots, which are located at different altitudes on the slopes of the river Miño. This allows them to stagger the various harvests (with differences among them up to 15-20 days of ripening), thus getting a perfect balance in the grape juices and avoiding any correction on the wines, essential for their longevity.
  • Their grapes come from vines, some of them more than 25 years old, which are planted in decomposed granite, sandy and poor plots. They grow in a very sunny and dry land, without watering, and that is why their yields are low. They respect nature and work the land using organic fertilizers, allowing the plants their own rhythm.
  • They are not in a hurry, as neither is the wine. They believe in what they do, and have enough experience to make as few mistakes as possible.

With all these convictions and a great dose of hope, they started their journey in 2007, without any partnership, in order to keep focused on their goals, accompanied by a team that is fully integrated in this modest project that nevertheless has a great future. 


About the name:

Tricó is the name in Rías Baixas that is given to the last child to arrive without being expected, with big difference in years with the brothers that preceded it. This “Tricó” is the last son of José Antonio López, who is one of those responsible for the resurgence of Albariño wine and quality wine in the area.

Winery, vineyards and process:

The soil of Tricó’s grape production is primarily poor, sandy and decomposed granite, which in Galicia is known as "Xabre". The sub-area is called Condado do Tea, a traditional area of viticulture located on the southern side of Miño River, in its international tranche in front of the area of “Green Wines” and its tributary Tea River, that gives its name to the sub-area. Their grapes come from 5 hectares of their own vines, 5 rented hectares of old vines, and 3.5 hectares of grapes purchased from old vines of very high quality.


The viticulture is very simple: based on the principle of non-intervention in the winery, the wines are gestated in the vineyard. In the perfect moment of harvest, respecting the characteristic climate of each vintage, allows them to develop of wines that are very raw in its concept but with enormous potential.

The preparation is very simple. Based on the high quality of the grapes, they try to process the grapes as quickly as possible after the harvest using pneumatic press, racking in cold and controlled fermentation in steel tanks. They then let the wine rest for a minimum of one year and bottle. As far as lees are concerned, they understand that they are not adequate for their wines, which have great aromatic potential and body. Their experience tells them that lees should only be used in wines with little structure. 

Except for the grapes that they buy (which they control) the rest are from their own organically cultivated vines. We use organic fertilisers and cultivate the land to eliminate weeds and incorporate fertilisers. They do not use irrigation, despite the fact that their vineyards are in upland and extremely dry areas.

The TRICÓ 2009 production was 27,000 bottles.


Owner and oenologist: José Antonio López