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Solar de Samaniego  

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Location and Climate:

Solar de Samaniego is located in Ebro Valley where the magic of the medieval era is still in the air. The vines thrive in the soil of the D.O.C. Rioja, the oldest denomination in Spain. Rioja has an Atlantic climate with smooth temperatures and moderate precipitations.


Solar de Samaniego boasts around 100 hectares of some of Rioja’s most desirable vineyards, including small hillside parcels whose altitude and chalk-clay soils are held to be the secret of the Rioja Alavesa’s finesse. 

Wine quality is their primary objective. This is consistently achieved through attention to and control of the entire process from grape growing, through to winemaking, packaging and marketing of the final wine. This results in wines of the highest quality and reflects the natural variations engendered by climate, soil, topography and the traditional winemaking practices.


Solar de Samaniego’s vineyards are comprised almost 100 hectares of predominantly Tempranillo, but some hectares of Graciano as well. The vines are planted on espaliers with a south orientation in a density of 3,000 plants per hectare. There is a great diversity in soils that vary from lime soils to stony and clay. Harvest time is determined after many tastings of the grapes in the plots. The ageing occurs in American oak barrels for 12 months for Crianzas and 18 months for Reservas. After the “blend”, the wines are bottled, avoiding filtrations and treatments that limit their intensity and complexity. 

In addition to the home property, Solar de Samaniego has long-term contracts with a small stable of growers across Laguardia’s village (Rioja Alavesa). The long-term nature of these contracts allows good relationships to be developed with the growers and consistency of supply to the winery. The blending options afforded by drawing fruit from several vineyards also ensure consistency in the styles they have already established.


In 1968 a family business with Riojan roots decided to return to its origins by founding Bodegas Solar de Samaniego in the beautiful medieval town of Laguardia, in the heart of Rioja Alavesa. In the 1980s, they decided to extend the winemaking business to new appellations and established Bodegas Durón in Ribera del Duero. The Solar de Samaniego Group became one of the first Rioja wine producers to establish themselves in this region.

Viticulture Information:

Villalba, Carranavaridas, Rioseco, Musco, Valcavada… are just a few names of the magnificent vineyards that Bodegas Alavesa have near Laguardia. The principal variety grown is Tempranillo, but they also grow Graciano and have been experimenting with some Maturana Tinta. Their “treasure” vineyard is La Escobosa, which is located in the shores of the Ebro River. The vineyards are between 610 and 450 metres above sea level.


The maximum production is 5,850 kg/ha (in agreement with approval by the Regulatory Advice of the D.O.C.), controlling all the vineyards of their suppliers. Grupo Samaniego make their wines from 50% their own grapes and 50% from other suppliers.


Chief Winemaker: Alberto Serrano


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