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Bodegas Paco Garcia 



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Location and Climate:

Paco Garcia is located in Murillo Del Rio Leza, more specifically in a place called “La Balsilla” in La Rioja, Spain. Rioja is a privileged region for the cultivation of grape vines with the Ebro River running through it, the Cantabria mountain range to the north, and the Demanda mountain range to the south. The soil is calcareous and clayey, very poor in nutrients, but excellent conditions for the quality of fruit it produces.

Paco Garcia winery is placed in between two rivers, with a continental climate: cold in winter (-10°C) and hot in summer (35°-38°C) and an altitude of 470 meters above the sea level.



Paco Garcia’s aim is to produce fine wines for the new generation and to transmit their passion and love for the world of wine. Their winery is a result of hard work and passion.


The winery was started by married couple Francisco Garcia and Julia Pablo, who shared the same passion and love for good wines. This passion and hard work resulted in the acquisition of 40 hectares for the Paco Garcia vines and winery. They started this project in 2000, selling grapes to antique wineries in La Rioja.

In that same year a significant grape crisis affected a lot of wineries, and in the middle of the crisis Julia and Francisco decided to double bet their project and started constructing their own winery. They both knew it was a difficult challenge but they thought it was worth a try. In March 2001 they started this new project and began construction of the foundations, and in September of that same year they made their first harvest.

From the beginning, Francisco (the eldest son) and his parents were the only ones in charge of the creation and elaboration of the wines, and at that time their winery was called Heredad Garblo (where they unified both names Garcia and Pablo). While Francisco and his parents were working in the winery, the youngest son Juan Bautista started his studies as an agriculture engineer in Zaragoza.


In December 2001 the family faced a terrible tragedy with the death of the eldest son, Francisco, in a car accident. Juan decided to quit his studies and help the family with their new business, returning to Murillo to work with them in the winery. In the year 2002 he became a young agriculturalist and from then until now, he never ceased studying towards becoming an important oenologist in La Rioja. 

As time passed, Juan Bautista became in charge of the winery. The challenge was huge and he felt the necessity to transfer his passion and knowledge about wines to the youngest generation, who know little about the world of wines. This obsession saw him work really hard, trying to find the best way to catch their attention. "Its hard to find a wine that everyone loves, a wine where people can enjoy drinking it, that reflects passion and enthusiasm in every piece of it." 

As he continued working, this passion was so intense that in 2008 he started investigating the market. He thought it would be interesting to start with his friends, making them try different kind of wines. Some of them knew a lot about wine and others nothing at all. They all reacted differently to each wine but he knew it was really important to create a good brand image that reflected both his philosophy and a fine, artisinal wine. This became his motivation, his new challenge, and in 2008 he started his new project. With all his hard work and years of winemaking experience, he knew he had to elaborate something different, with a different product image to introduce new generations to the world of wine. They finally came up with the hand as a meaning of hard work and a print of Paco García, the founder of the winery.

Paco Garcia’s hand is a tribute to the father and older son, to their belief and strength, to their joy and enthusiasm, to their passion and love for their wines and every aspect of their vines; it represents their daily hard work in the fields for the elaboration a fine wine.

In the year 2010 Ana Fernandez Bengoa became part of the family and with her wine experience started exporting their wines to different countries. 

The result of their hard work is inside each bottle of:

Paco García Seis, Paco García Crianza and Beautiful Things.


Viticulture Information:

Their grapes are hand picked and specially selected. After the accurate selection they are taken to the warehouse for the maceration pre-fermentation for 48 hours at 17°C. To reach that temperature they use natural spring water taken directly from their land. This pre-maceration is done to preserve the fruit and primary aromas of the grape; in this way they also obtain a richer colour for the wine.

After this process, the alcoholic fermentation takes place with separate temperatures according to the wine. During this first fermentation a daily pump is used for 20, 30 and 45 minutes according to each wine. After this process is completed, the wine macerates in the warehouse for several days. After the maceration finishes, they age the wine on lees and proceed to delicately separate the liquid as they press the skin and seed.


One of their greatest secrets in their winemaking process takes place before they do the second fermentation (or as they call it, the malolactic fermentation). The secret is they micro-oxygenate their wines. This process that Paco Garcia choose to do makes their wines special and unique, with a different taste, a special amplitude in mouth, increasing the different types of aromas and giving the wine a consistent body.

The malolactic fermentation is done after the micro-oxygenation of the wines. Finally, the wines are clarified with 100% natural elements, preserving their essence, and aged in French oak.

After all these processes, the wines are finally bottled. Their experienced oenologist, Juan Bautista García, is the one who decides the time the wine should rest in the bottle and to their surprise, his timings are always accurate for an amazing tasting wine!

All their wines are highly drinkable for those who lack of wine experience, and especially tasty for those who understand about the world of wines.

All of their wines have a special character, a unique character. Something special that will fill up your senses.


The team is based on Garcia’s family and a young experienced and passionate group of people:

Francisco Garcia “Paco” – Founder (father)

Julia Pablo – Founder (mother)

Juan Bautista – Manager, Oenologist and Technical Director (son)

Ana Fernandez Bengoa – Marketing and Exports