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Bodegas Nestares Equizabal





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In Rioja Baja, in an almost inaccessible area in the past, is located the Valle de Ocón, a surrounding with it’s particular and extraordinary natural beauty, with ideal conditions to cultivate vineyards that produce great quality grapes. In the east of this valley, in the top of a hill since where is the church´s tower that seems looking out to watch the vineyards that are underneath, is enclaved Galilea, a village with and unusual name. There are several medieval legends about it. In one of them, the protagonists are the crusaders, in others a group of priests going on a pilgrimage. In any case, what is obvious are the marked similarities between this Galilea and the one in Palestine, both in orography and in the types of crops grown: olives, almonds, cereals and grapes.



Bodegas Nestares Eguizábal was founded in 1998, when vine grower José María Nestares decided to elaborate wine coming from his vineyards planted more than 25 years ago.

All the vineyards that belong to Nestares Eguizábal family are planted on the plateau that separates two valleys: Valle de Ocón and Valle de Jubera. This plain ranges between 520 and 650 meters in altitude. The Nestares Eguizábal family has always cultivated these vines and around 1983, they began to unify and replant the old vines, choosing to do this exclusively with the Tempranillo variety. 

The four estate vineyards have an average production of 4.500 and 6.500 kg per ha and reach a surface of 25 has. The terrain is very heterogeneous, clay loam in ones, and calcareous clay in others, conditions that give character to our wines. All the vineyards are cultivated in soil terrain, using unirrigated trellis as production system.

The members of this Riojan family, especially Ramón, who manages the work in the vineyards, have always, above all, felt like vine growers and have always aspired to obtain the best fruit. The resulting high quality grapes in turn supports the later work in the cellar, combining to produce excellent quality wines. Being respectful of the location and natural surroundings has always been of the utmost priority. To this end, they have minimized the use of fertilizers, using exclusively natural and organic ones, forgone herbicides and relied on phytosanitaries respectful of the environment and adapted for ecological agriculture.

Today, his sons run the winery with the mission to meld the long-held winemaking traditions of the region with new technologies and techniques in order to make wine that expresses the best qualities of the grapes coming from these fertile Riojan vineyards in Rioja Baja, one of the three sub-regions that make up Spain’s Rioja appellation. 



All Bodegas Nestares Eguizábal wines are 100% Tempranillo, the “signature” grape of the region and of Spain. Each wine is elaborated from a single vineyard.

Due to the special microclimate of the Valley of Ocón, created by the high altitude and influences of the Mediterranean climate, the vines produce very aromatic and elegant wines, characterised by their great ageing potential. Once Bodegas Nestares Eguizábal grapes arrive in the winery from the family vineyards, they are vinified with maximum care in order to best express the regional’s terroir. Ageing in conducted mostly in 225 litre Bordeaux-style barrels that are a combination of American and French oak.

During fifteen years, special quality grapes were cultivated in the vineyards, that later were sold to others cellars. In 1998 we decided to take another step in our project and first began to elaborate our own wine. The idea was clear, we had to transmit the same passion and the same hope that we had deposited in our vineyard in this new challenge. To undertake this new stage in the ideal conditions, we choose to endow our new winery with state of the art technology and installations, always with the aim of guaranteeing that we can present our wines at the perfect expression of a job well done in the vineyards.

The technical direction of the vineyard and winery is undertaken by two young winemakers, Alberto Pedrajo and Javier Achútegui, who, advised and encouraged by the family, have the same basic objective to obtain: that the wines reflect their origin, our vineyard.

Once we have ready got great quality grapes, the work in the winery is directed to power its aspects more distinguished. Through the application of fermentative maceration are kept fully the remembrances to fruits on the berry. The aging in barrel is another of the determining elements, a phase in which the meticulous labour, the patience and the proper selection of woods have fused in our young wines, permitting it to guarantee that in the future the will maintain their equilibrium and personality when they reach maturity in the bottle.

At the moment we have a stock of more than 250 barrels, of which 70% is American oak coming from different forest and the remaining 30% is from French oak. Every year we renew 20% of our stock with the goal of guaranteeing that the barrel contributes the correct factors of ageing. 



Winegrowers: José Ramón Eguizábal Malo and Luis Ángel Nestares Eguizábal 
Winemakers: Alberto Pedrajo and Javier Achútegui from ASPA ingenieros
Manager: María José Nestares Eguizábal