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Cellers Grifoll-Declara

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Location and Climate: 

Priorat is one of the most dynamic wine regions of Spain. Contained within the autonomous community of Catalonia, it is located inland from Tarragona and is almost entirely surrounded by the Montsant D.O. (Denominación de Origen). The region's stature as a quality wine producer is demonstrated by the fact that in 2000 it was awarded the highest designation of DOCa (Denominación de Origen Calificada). Priorat DOCa is a red wine made from predominantly Garnacha grapes, sometimes with the addition of Cariñena.

Many factors contribute to the region's reputation as a quality wine producer. First and foremost is the unique terroir, which combines the poor Llicorella soil (a mix of black slate and quartz) with a range of mesoclimates created by the sheltering influence of the nearby mountain ranges. In the steep, terraced vineyards located at high altitudes, the vines must penetrate deep into the soil to gather nutrients and water, resulting in extremely low yields with high extracts – a reason why the wines of Priorat display admirable concentration, body and intensity. The vineyards' elevation ensures that the grapes receive prodigious amounts of Mediterranean sun, while the Llicorella soil imparts distinct mineral notes.


A second reason for Priorat's high reputation is that its potential as a high-quality wine region has created interest both in Spain and abroad since the 1970s. As a result, it is now home to a number of world-class estates. The principal grape varieties grown here continue to be Garnacha and Cariñena. However, there have been successful experiments with international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

Generally, the climate is more extreme than most continental climate areas, though there is a marked contrast between the valleys and the higher areas. There are both freezing winds from the north (mitigated somewhat by the Montsant mountain) and also the warm Mistral wind from the east. Summers are long, hot and dry (max temperature 35°) while winters are cold (min temperature -4°C). There is the occasional risk of frost, hailstones and drought. The average annual temperature is 15°C, and average annual rainfall is 400–600 mm.


The Grifoll family has been dedicated to great viticulture and winemaking since the 1800s. Many generations of the family Grifoll have been working on the vineyards and commercialising their wines in bulk up until the year 2001 when they established a new winery called Cellers Grifoll-Declara, to elaborate wines from Montsant D.O. The Grifoll-Declara members of the family started this new adventure with a common objective: exercise the craft of winemaking under the guiding principles of integrity and quality.


Viticulture Information:

All the grapes that enter the cellars of Grifoll-Declara winery are specially picked and analysed by their team. They grow their own grapes and all the vineyards are from their own property. 

All the wines from Grifoll-Declara are raised and aged in new oak barrels, generally all the oak barrels used are from France where the special wood is picked from the Allier forest and worked by the very best oak barrel producer from France and Spain. Every year they buy new oak barrels that are used for a maximum of 3 years, changing and continually renewing them.



The family members of this new project are:

Josep Grifoll (Father), Mª Carmen Declara (Mother), Pol Grifoll (Son), Roger Grifoll (Son).