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Finca Egomei


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Location and climate:

Finca Egomei is located in the southeastern corner of La Rioja DOCa. La Rioja is one of the smallest regions of Spain, but one of the richest in history, culture and nature. 

The vines have grown in the fertile valley of the River Ebro since Roman times where they used to transport the wine they made to their colonies all over Europe. The name actually derives from Rio (River) Oja, a tributary of the river Ebro. 



Owed by Beltrán Family, Finca Egomei is a lovely estate of 30 hectares of Tempranillo and Graciano vineyards. They pay a lot of attention to the vineyards, as they believe that you cannot make a good wine if you do not have good grapes. The treatment and care of the vineyards is made with the objective of getting grapes of high quality with the average yield per hectare being just 4,000kg. 

As they are very proud of their wines and in the way the do it, they thought about a name that describe the best of this feeling and it came the name Egomei. Which means "I am very proud of what I do and who I am".


Viticulture Information:

At harvest time all the grapes are picked by hand and transported to the nearby winery in small 20kg baskets. They only use the grapes from their own estate to make their wines and do not buy grapes or wines from other producers. Upon arrival, all the grapes go through a selection table in order to remove the bunches that are not in optimum condition. After destemming the grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks with a 12,000kg capacity. The alcoholic fermentation lasts for 14 days with daily remounting in order to extract colour and tannins. 

For ageing their wines they only use French oak barrels. They have a total of 600 French oak barrels and the oldest are two-years-old. After the right ageing time, all the wines are bottled at the Bodega where they remain a minimum of 6 months before being released to the market.



Winemaker: Idoya Jarauta