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Bodegas Camilo Castilla



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Location and climate:

Bodegas Camilo Castilla is located in Corella in Navarra, Spain. The richness of Corella has always been linked to water, oil and wine, inherited from its past as a Hispanic-Roman town. Today wine is the central part of the area’s production. At an altitude of 370 metres above sea level the land is rich in calcareous clay, and the vines prosper thanks to a unique microclimate with cold winters and very hot summers, which allows for the optimal development of the vine and creates the best conditions for maturing the fruit.



Over the years, experience and dedication from several generations of this family of wine makers have united the traditional methods handed down over the years and most up to date methods, capitalising on technological advances to optimise the elaboration and mature of their wines.


Founded in 1856 by Don Camilo Castilla Alzugaray, Bodegas Camilo Castilla have been producing quality wines for the last 160 years. Since 1987, and under the management of Ana Beltran, Bodegas Camilo Castilla has re-established the elaboration of quality dry red and white wines. Ana Beltran continues to modernise the emblematic family of sweet wines, recovering wines that had died out under the Goya name.


Viticulture information:

For more than 145 years, Bodegas Camilo Castilla have been elaborating and maturing wines from indigenous varieties of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Mazuelo, using grapes grown on their own old vines. They have adapted to new trends in blending foreign varieties, with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon coming from their youngest vines.

Careful annual selection of grapes produces wines that go through an ageing process in new French and American oak barrels, with periodic moves every six months to later settle in bottle until the refining process has been completed. They plant vineyards with grapes characterised by their high level of maturity and richness in sugar.



Winemaker: Idoya Jarauta