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Bodegas Altanza



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Location and Climate:

Altanza is located in Fuenmayor - Rioja Alta, Spain, approximately 350 metres above sea level. La Rioja is one of the smallest regions of Spain, but one of the richest in history, culture and nature. Rioja Alta is located on the western edge of the region and at higher elevations than the other areas, it is known more for its "old world" style of wine. A higher elevation means a shorter growing season, which in turn produces unripe fruit flavours and a wine that is lighter on the palate.

The mountains surrounding Rioja affect the wind and rainfall patterns and help to keep summer temperatures moderate. They also encourage the critical night-time temperature drops that preserves the acidity in the ripening grapes. Thanks to the mountains, Rioja's footprint resembles an inverted V, with the widest part facing the Mediterranean. 



The goal and philosophy of Bodegas Altanza is to offer quality wine at a reasonable price. By combining the best of the long traditions inherited by a world-renowned wine region with the modern advances in technology, Altanza make the most of the characteristic Tempranillo, the classic grape of Rioja.

Using traditional materials such as wood, stones and solid bricks, maintaining a vertical pressing method when making the wines, and producing wine from a single autochthonous variety, makes Altanza wines so special and unique.

Bodegas Altanza mixes tradition and modern technology in every wine they produce. Using 32 stainless steel tanks of 35,000kg capacity and 8,500 barrels of 225 litres capacity, renewed every 4 or 5 years. The bottle and barrel room have climate and humidity control systems to protect the wine during its ageing process. They exclusively use French oak as they consider it a more elegant oak as it transfers smooth aromas to the wine without covering all the distinctive fruity aromas of Tempranillo.


With the aim of producing quality wines at a reasonable price, Bodegas Altanza was established in 1988 by a group of businessmen related to and passionate about the world of wine. The winery was built in a 35,000m2 area leaving 10.000m2 for a magnificent French garden situated in the north central Spain.



Winemakers: Oscar Martínez and Carlos Ferreiro