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Vinedo de los Vientos




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Location and climate 

Viñedo de los Vientos translates into Vineyard of the Winds, is located where the River Plate estuary,(the largest in the world) and the Atlantic Ocean meets, which provides clean cool ocean breezes and the ideal climate for the maturation of fine wine grapes.

We practice a minimal intervensionist viticulture, respecting the enviromment and the wild life.




1920 - Angelo Fallabrino arrived with his family at the city of Montevideo running away from the war. Native of Alessandria in the Italian Piedmont, Angelo knew how to make great wines and he founded one of the largest winery in Uruguay. His son Alejandro follows his steps, a brilliant guy Alejandro was one of the most innovative persons in the Uruguayan wine industry in the 70s and 80s. Unfortunately in 1991 Alejandro died and in 1995 Angelo died.

In 1995 Pablo, one of the three Alejandro's sons, got in charge of Vinedo de los vientos vineyard, it were only a vineyard when Pablo arrived. In 1997 he decided to start his own winery, and to achieve it, he brought State of the Art equipment for the winery from Italy. March 1998 was the first vintage,three year took to Pablo fine tuning his winemaking skills and see what he wanted produce, with a new vision of winemaking he developed an amazing range of different wines, always looking to create for something unique and special.




Viñedo de los Vientos is a boutique winery with an anual production of 60000 Lts of wine. We focus in produce unique wines with a truly uruguayan terroir expression.

We like to use obscure or less known winemaking techniques to produce our wines and we are always creating new techniques.

The wines speaks for itself.



Viticulture Information

The Viñedo de los Vientos property has been in the Fallabrino family since 1947.

With 15 hectares Today the old vines have been replaced with virus free plants imported from Italy, France and South Africa. The varieties we produce are : Cabernet Sauvignon ,Ruby Cabernet, Tannat, Nebbiolo, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay and Moscato Bianco. 

Total surface: 30 Hectares.

Planted surface: 16 Hectares planted (2.5 Tannat, 2,5 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1 Ruby Cabernet, 5 Ugni Blanc, 1.5 Gewürztraminer, 2.5 Chardonnay, 1 Nebbiolo, 0.5 Moscato Bianco, 0.5 Barbera and 0.5 Arneis)

Soils: Argillaceous calcareous.

Trellis system: Pagoda, Lyre and high espaldier. 

Average yield: 8000 kgs by hectare.



Vintner/Chief Winemaker: Pablo Fallabrino

Events and tourism manager: Mariana Cerutti 

Oeonologist: Carlos Scala