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  • Volcanica Ipa
    $13.49 Volcanica Ipa
    Bitter Ale, high alcohol with fruity notes and citrus flavour., profile and aroma of hope used. Further contains bitter orange peel. Alcohol: 7.2% IBU: 48 SRM: 7 Standard drink: 2.8 Size:...
  • Volcanica Dubbel
    $11.99 Volcanica Dubbel
    Red beer, its coppery makes it very attractive with fruity aroma, product of clove and high fermentation. Its taste become refreshing by light notes of bitterness. Alcohol: 6.9% IBU: 20 SRM: 16 Standard...
  • Volcanica Blonde Ale
    $11.99 Volcanica Blonde Ale
    Classic blond, very refreshing with a slight fruity aroma, product of the yeast used. Alcohol: 5.5% IBU: 16 SRM: 5 Standard drink: 2...
  • Volcanica Dark Ale
    $13.49 Volcanica Dark Ale
    Dark beer of high alcohol content, maltose sweet, strong aroma, product of yeast used. Intense and lasting foam. Alcohol: 8% IBU: 22 SRM: 21 Standard drink: 3...