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Location: Salta, Argentina

Our Wines: Check out Tukma wines.


Location and Climate

Tukma is located in Tolombón, Calchaquí Valley in Salta, Argentina. This city is located at the northwest of Argentina at the foothills of the Andes Mountains 1,600-2,600 metres above sea level. Climate is very dry with very low rainfalls. Most of the days are sunny and chilly with over 320 days a year of diaphanous, clear skies, and an omnipresent sun that optimises photosynthesis. Night temperatures range between 3° to -5°C.

The unique atmospheric temperature range of the region defies biology and produces a very sophisticated biotype in their vines. Radiant sunny days and cool nights safeguard the profound colours, the fragrances, and the intense flavour of our grapes.

The hydric stress causes our grapes to adapt and concentrate their flavour, fragrance, and colour in the most remarkable way. Soft winds avoid the accumulation of humidity on the grapes, and the lack of rain inhibits the proliferation of fungi, thus allowing for fungicide- and insecticide-free farming. In the Tukma estates of Angastaco and Huacalera the crops are irrigated by a system of drains, whereas in Tolombón by drip irrigation. 

The weather conditions of these valleys and their awe-inspiring geology intensify the metabolism of the colourful and flavourful fruits its soils produce. Between two and three thousand years ago, in these very valleys, mankind became sedentary and learned how to work the land. Today, the provide one of the best environments for the production of unique types of grape.



Long before the Spainards arrived to the Americas, the valleys and canyons of the northwest of what is now Argentina were the land of the Diaguitas. In their native language the region was known as Tukmanao, “the Kingdom of Tukma”, which was the title of the great chieftain who ruled the land.

The Diaguitas has mastered extremely sophisticated farming techniques, which were improved by the influence of the conquering Incas who descended upon their land from the north. These ancient agricultural traditions were applied to the care of the vineyards brought by the Spanish, and to the production of wine.

Almost five hundred years later, from Tolombón, in the heart of the Tukmanao, our winery seeks to embrace the roots of the region with wines of unmistakable identity and unique characteristics.

Like all great endeavours, Bodega Tukma was born, in 2008, out of love and the commitment to achieve the highest goals. It was from mere chance that the first three thousand Malbec vines came to the hands of Fernando Maurette and Raúl Noceti, the founding partners. These would only be the beginning of what became a solid commercial enterprise called Tukma. It all started with a small vineyard in Huacalera, on the Quebrada de Humahuaca, and soon after we acquired 120 acres in Tolombón (Salta) and a small 8-acre estate in Angastaco (Salta) with vines that are half a century old; finally, came the addition of the estate at Colalao del Valle in Tucumán. Recently, Luis Maurette joined the team invigorating our project.

This boutique winery that made its entrance in the market with small amounts of high quality wine, grew rapidly and consistently while always keeping its high standards of quality. Today, Tukma is an Argentine-Brazilian company that enjoys a privileged spot in both the national and international markets.


Bodega Tukma owns a two-year-old facility equipped with latest technology and an annual production of 200,000 litres. 80% of the vats are new cement and epoxy and 20% are stainless steel. All the wines are created in a temperature controlled atmosphere. Tukma also has its own laboratory. 50 Barrels are available for fine wines: 70% American and 30% French.   



Deep rocky soil with lack of organic material, located between at the foothill of the Andes Mountains.Their vineyards are situated in the lands of the ancient Tukmanao, where the soil by the mountains is shallow, frank-sandy, stony, and with little organic matter.



Social Responsibility

Tukma places importance upon social responsibility. Since its beginnings, winemaking has been a celebration of life and Tukma guide their relationship with all our staff, the environment and clients in this spirit.  

They are planning to use solar energy for all the equipment in the winery. They cultivate and produce their wines in harmony with the environment without attacking it or modifying it.