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Terra de Falanis

Terra de Falanis was the name used by the historian Miquel Barceló for our town and our people before Felanitx existed as such.

Perhaps it is this feeling of nostalgic sentimentalism, and the desire to promote the essence beyond the exterior, that lead us to call this project Terra de Falanis (“Land of Falanis”) – and of course, there is our sympathy for the word’s inventor.

Terra de Falanis aims to be the result of the continuous education we have acquired through other projects we have all long been involved in. It is a way to extend the concepts and techniques we have learned in other regions and apply them beyond our natural boarders (the island of Mallorca) by discovering the fantastic possibilities of Montsant.

This project is based on three very simple pillars: the soil, climate and plants. This may not be big news! But we can think of many occasions when the terms “terroir”, “native”, “natural”, etc. have been abused. For us, greatness is recognising how and when to apply the winemaking processes in accordance with these three pillars – it is then that a new connection, understanding and philosophy is established.

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