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As a friend of Untapped you know we ‘untap’ fine wines from around the world and make them accessible to the Australian market. Our focus is on family-run, artisanal wineries whose passion and love for viticulture and winemaking is revealed in the quality of their wines. 

Tapped In by UFW will assist you in navigating our extensive 
portfolio of Spanish, Argentinian, Chilean and Uruguyan wines — over 600 different wines from around 70 wineries! When you join the wine club a welcome 6 or dozen wines is despatched which includes one upgraded 'extra special' bottle. The next 6 or dozen wines are scheduled to send automatically every 1 or 3 months ongoing, whatever you decide. The packs have a minimum 25% member discount applied and any other orders you place also attract a 25% discount. 

Other benefits of club membership are:

  • FREE Membership.
  • You nominate either 6 or a dozen Winemaker Selection wines every month or quarter to the value of $250, $500 or $1000 per 6 or dozen — from everyday to more Premium wines

  • A welcome 6 or dozen wines (to your nominated value) with an upgraded bottle for even greater value!
  • 25% off all additional orders (using a personalised code).
  • FREE Shipping on Winemaker's Selections.
  • Bespoke advice to select from Australia's biggest selection of wines from Spain, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.
  • Notification of offers and special wine events.


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