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Is Tannat the world's only palendromic grape variety? In recent years, Uruguayan wineries began courting international markets with inventive blends and with a signature red called Tannat.  

Tannat grape vines, originally from the southwest of France, were first planted in Uruguay in 1870 by a Basque immigrant. The vines flourished, yielding a suppler taste than their sometimes astringent (due to high tannin levels) European counterparts.  Winemakers talked about developing tannat wines that adapt better to global palates (drinkers abroad may find the wine too rustic or earthy), about crafting unique blends, and about diversifying their portfolios with popular grapes.

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  • Castillo Viejo Reserva Tannat 2011
    $36.99 Castillo Viejo Catamayor Reserva Tannat 2011
    Tannat is Uruguay's signature grape and the only palindromic grape variety. This example from one of the oldest wineries in Uruguay has aromas of ripe red fruits, spicy eucalyptus and mint. It has superb stucture and...
  • Pizzorno Don Próspero Tannat 2012
    $29.99 Pizzorno Don Próspero Tannat 2012
    This traditional winery was founded in 1910 by an Italian immigrant, Don Prospero. His namesake Tannat is a shiny cherry-red medium intense colour. It has intense aromas of well ripened red fruit (blueberry and raspberry)...
  • Marichal Tannat 2011
    $34.99 Marichal Tannat 2011
    Grape Variety: 100% TannatTasting Notes: Well balanced wine with velvety tannins and unique Tannat personality. This wine is full bodied and has a good, round mouth feel, intense expression of fruit and true varietal...
  • Viñedo de los Vientos Tannat 2008
    $39.99 Viñedo de los Vientos Tannat 2008
    Grape Variety: 100% TannatTasting Notes: With complementing scents of cacao beans and Asian spices, this wine displays significant complexity all around. A powerful palate with hints of blackberry and delicate notes of...
  • Carrau Reserva Tannat 2010
    $39.99 Carrau Tannat de Reserva 2010
    Silver Medal - Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada 2013 Grape Variety: 100% TannatTasting Notes: Classic cedar and violet in the nose. Plums are evident on the palate, roundness and smooth tannins contribute to...
  • Castillo Viejo Family Reserva Tannat 2009
    $46.99 Castillo Viejo Catamayor Reserva de la Familia Tannat 2009
    Grape Variety: 100% TannatTasting Notes: Intense, deep, cherry red colour with bright tones. Aromas of red fruits with notes of mint combine harmoniously with smoky notes from ageing in barrels. With a very good...
  • Narbona Tannat 2010
    $94.99 Narbona Tannat 2010
    Grape Variety: 100% Tannat        Tasting Notes: Violet hue, very good colour intensity and volume.€¨ Intense aromas, chocolate and raisin grape, a more covert spicy aroma appears after a few minutes...
  • Narbona Puerto Carmelo Tannat 2010
    $46.99 Narbona Puerto Carmelo Tannat 2010
    Uruguay's signature grape and the only palandromic grape variety: Tannat. This Tannat was made with the support of world famous winemaker: Michel Rolland. Purplish hue with very good colour intensity. Intense aromas of...
  • Bouza A8 Unique Parcel Tannat 2010
    $149.99 Bouza A8 Unique Parcel Tannat 2010
    Grape Variety: 100% Tannat Tasting Notes: Intense red colour with some violet tonalities. Intense aroma, earthy and with leather notes. Good body, balanced acidity with long last ending. Vineyard: Plot A8 from Melilla,...
  • Pizzorno Reserva Tannat 2010
    $59.99 Pizzorno Reserva Tannat 2010
    Grape Variety: 100% TannatTasting Notes: Dark ruby colour with hints of purple and aroma of plums and wild berries. Rich and full bodied with flavours of stone fruits, long lingering finish suggests terrific ageing potential...

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