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Rothschild Mapu Syrah Rosé 2016 - 20% off

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Grape Variety100% Syrah 

Tasting notes: An attractive, bright and glittering pale pink. The fresh and powerful nose opens on grenadine and redcurrant notes, going on to develop wild strawberry, redcurrant and cherry aromas. A fresh and full-bodied attack leads into a succulent mid-palate dominated by red fruits, ending on an elegant combination of grapefruit and pomegranate. The fruit flavours make a powerful return on the fresh finish.

Region: Central Valley, Chile



Time of harvest:

Harvest Method: The grapes are hand-picked then brought to the bodega. They are hand-sorted several times then destemmed and lightly crushed before vinification.

Winemaking: Mapu Syrah Rosé's crispness and elegance are partly due to the way it is made: both by "bleeding" from a vat of red wine and direct pressing. The part that is "bled off" (75%) has a deep colour and an attractive, well-balanced tannic structure. The part that comes directly from the winepress (25%) has fruity, mineral flavours. The combination of these two techniques highlights the wine's fruit and freshness, typical of this grape variety.

MaturingMapu Syrah Rosé is matured in vats for three months in order to preserve all its freshness and fruit.


Alcohol: 12.5%

Residual Sugar:

Volume: 750ml

Standard Drinks: 7.4

Best Served: 10-11 °C