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Uruguay is a privileged country for wine production, because of its location on the same latitude as the best grape growing areas like Chile, Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand. The geographical location of our country with maritime climate, cold winters and frequently dry summer with hot days, cool nights and misty mornings, all contribute to the production of excellent wines.

Our vineyards and Winery are located in Canelón Chico region, department of Canelones in the South of Uruguay close to the River Plate.



Moderate climate with an average annual temperature 18°C and rainfall is 900mm. With over 500km of coastline, Uruguay has a both a continental and maritime climate. Mild summers and cool nights give significant diurnal temperatures during the growing season.

Seasons are fairly well defined, and seasonal variations are pronounced. Spring is usually cool, and windy, Summers are warm, Autumns mild, with chilly Winters. 



Founder of the winery in 1910, Don Próspero José Pizzorno, an Italian and enterprising immigrant, was the inspiration of centenary family tradition.

His grandson, Carlos continues with the same love and respect for nature and carries on a family legacy that hasn’t lost a single element of that fine wine tradition

With 100 years of experience Pizzorno Family Estates is one of the well known Boutique Wineries in Uruguay (South America).



The goal of our Boutique Winery  is to produce " top quality handcrafted"   wines from grapes grown in our own estate, low production vines, with gentle and careful winemaking techniques, which best represents the spirit and character of our terroir and the essence of the Uruguay wine Country;  supported by a  winemaker consultant from New Zealand, Duncan Killiner.

You will be delighted to discover the personality and character of our wines. They are the result from a heritage both European & Latin offering a blend of New and Old wine-making style.


Viticulture Information 

All the vineyards surrounding the winery are cultivated and harvested by hand with 20 hectares located in Canelón Chico Region close to the Rio de la Plata, completely reconverted by French stocks of Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.



Director: Enol. Carlos Pizzorno

Export Assistant: Francisco Pizzorno 

Winemaker Consultant:  Duncan Killiner (NZ)