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 Pagos de Galir 



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Location: DO Valdeorras, Spain


The Valdeorras D.O. is in the northwest of Spain, in the province of Ourense (Galicia), near the boundary with Léon and the district of El Bierzo.

The VIRXE DE GALIR winery and its vineyards are in the most eastern part, in the valley of River Galir, in its confluence with the river Sil in the parish district of Éntoma.

Cultivation of vines in the peninsula goes back to Roman times, handed down from our ancestors, who entered along the Vía Nova, with numerous remains in this land dating back from those times.




Quality in production begins with the successive pruning and ends in the selection of the best grapes, discarding the rest.

The different treatments that the vines undergo until picking is carried out, are done with a scrupulous respect for environmental and ecological regulations. These treatments are few, due to the favorable conditions of the local microclimate, which do not favour the propagation of pests.

The grape harvesting is carried out manually, avoiding the hottest time of the day and in well-ventilated and scrupulously clean boxes, whose capacity does not exceed 16 kg.

Once in the winery, the grapes are checked again by tipping them onto a sorting table, before they enter the vat.

The wine is fermented in stainless steel vats with independent temperature control.

Delicate tasks such as pressing or pumping the juice is carried out with state of the art equipment looking after the processes.

The winery is up to the latest standards in enology. All the production processes are carefully studied and closely monitored by members of the family.

Both the barrel hall and the cellar are totally conditioned, with constant temperature and humidity.





More than 14 hectares of vineyards on slaty soil that is mostly occupying slopes exceeding 40%, at an altitude above 700 meters in the area of Galicia that enjoys the greatest number of hours of sunlight.

With scarce organic material and an orography that obliges us to grow the vines on terraces, basically tended by hand and offering low productivity, which is only made worthwhile by the high quality of our wines.

These are vineyards inherited from their ancestors, combining old vine-stocks with modern plantations.

The top quality for them is achieved by a rigorous pre-selection, carrying out selective pruning and thinning of grapes, which results in a production not exceeding 2 Kg per vine-stock.