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Location and climate

Narbona Winery is located northwest of the department of Colonia, about 15 Km from the city of Carmelo in Uruguay. The climate is wet and warm. Annual average temperature oscilates between 17 and 18 C  and annual  rainfall is 1000 mm



Finca Narbona winery located in Carmelo Uruguay was born as result of the dream  that Mr. Eduardo Canton (Argentinean)  had once he came to Uruguay and fall in love with the beauty of its nature.

The winery that has been recycled in 1990 from the original old farm from 1909 still have the soul of that time, and every time you visit it you have the feeling that clockwise stopped there.

In 1998 we started planting our vineyards and in 2010 we had our first wine. Since them our wines became recognized and we are proud today to export and present them to the most exquisite palates around the world.



True to the tradition in 1990 the house is recycled and in 1998 began planting vineyards. In 2010 a new winery is built in the original homestead for the exclusive manufacture of high quality wines.

Our challenge is much greater, we want people to live the Narbona experience and therefore we accompany the winery with a small country restaurant and exclusive vintage rooms overlooking the vineyards.

We also have small areas of fruit trees to coexist with the vineyards for the manufacture of our jams and syrups, and the production of biscuits, cheese, dries pasta and olive oil.

In our winery all the senses are activated in order to live a unique sensory experience, the taste and aroma are an essential part of our task.


Viticulture Information

Today we have approximately 15 hectares essentially Tannat, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Viognier and Syrah.

For us, balance is the key to success so the constant study of the varieties and their foliar behavior and soil adaptability are the premises.

The plants are treated as individuals and work with low yields per hectare to achieve our quality objectives. Harvesting is done manually and the harvest begins in early February and runs through mid-March.

The grapes are transported to the winery in boxes of 20 kg and a first selection on the sorting table is made manually to select those clusters that are in good health conditions and maturity. A second selection is made of grains in the belt vibration table to ensure high quality.

After this process the grains are deposited on stainless steel tanks with cooling jacket to control the temperature of the must and will ferment there for 10 to 15 days with the skins.

After alcoholic fermentation the wine is separated from the solids (pomace) and deposited directly into the barrels for maturation for 18 months till is bottled. (The time in barrel is decided by tasting and analysis of wine).

Once the process is finished the skin and seeds are sent to the area where the distillation still is. In the still we can lay up to 1000 kg. This turns on and reaches a temperature of 130 ° C.

Once the skin and seeds are boiling begins to release the alcohol in vapor form. The still is connected through a coil to a steel tank where water circulates continuously and makes the alcohol vapor flowing through the coil to condense and obtain the staple which is also one of our star products.



Eduardo Canton (Owner and Director)

Fabiana Bracco (Commercial and Export Manager)

Eduardo Cantón (Director)

Valeria Chiola (Enologist)