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People are our business. Incredibly our small team represents 10 nationalities and with this cultural tapestry comes a great knowledge of, and love for, wine. It is what drives us, and across Australia we aim to demonstrate our expertise, passion, energy and care - values we share with our wine producers. We all love food, wine and having fun.  

Saying that, at Untapped we have a strong, professional team, who understand wine, but also that wine is a business. Our intention is to share our very special portfolio of wines from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Spain, delighting our customers, and their customers with diverse, exceptional wines across a wide range of price points.

Check out our team and get in touch if you would like to chat to us. 




Trade Enquiries
Ask us a question, request a copy of our portfolio, or ask us to come and see you!

Email us          Call us on (03) 9676 9663

Retail Enquiries
Check out our online store and get in touch if you have any questions.

Email us          Call us on (03) 9676 9663


Meet the Team

Sales - WA,  SA and Tazmania
Lucia Galdona
General Manager

Hailing from Uruguay, one of our South American wine producing countries, it's obvious Lucia is a wine lover! Lucia ably manages and supports the sales team across Australia to achieve their goals. Lucia shares her love of wine with sports, a previous career, and and continuing passion. She has travelled to almost all of the wineries we represent as well as doing harvest work in Mallorca, Spain. Lucia joined the Australian contingent of the Untapped Fine Wines team from her original role as Office Manager and Producer Liaison at the Uruguay Office. She loves nothing more than time outdoors with nature, with wine if possible, and working with a team of such diverse cultures!

+61 (0)477 332 998          Email Lucia          Skype: lucia.galdona1

Sam Jackson
Sales Representative


+61 (0)488 441 233          Email Sam


Candice Blondeau
Sales Representative

Candice joined the Untapped team to work with customers and potential new customers across Victoria. Growing up in France, and with a strong hospitality in  Australia, Candice understands the trade and it's challenges very well.  Her wine passion accompanies his love for the beach and surfing. 

+61 (0)419 120 747        Email Candice


Ben Howes
Sales Representative

Ben takes care of customers in Sydney and is always looking for new and exciting venues to talk to introduce Untapped Wines into. 

+61 (0)477 330 599        Email Ben


Gavin Butterworth
Sales Representative

+61 (0)419 110 028          Email Gavin



We are lucky to have a team on the ground in South America ensuring our orders from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Spain are seamless and working on reports accessed by our team everyday. Our Montevideo office is also the hub of our graphic design activities.
Alyn Faral
Office Administration & Marketing Assistant

Alyn, our Bachelor in Communication, was born in Uruguay, our small but perfectly formed winemaking country. Before becoming Administration and Marketing Assistant for Untapped Fine Wines, Alyn worked for 5 years in the publicity business. She’s worked for several countries in Europe, South America, the USA and also Australia. She believes that these experiences have thought her how to reach customers by sharing values and the importance of a product.

Since 2014, in Untapped Fine Wines' Uruguayan office, Alyn has been thoroughly building close connections with all wineries that work with us, always keeping in mind that wine and it's environment is a not just any product by trying to bring it to life.


Fiorella Franzini
Graphic Designer

Fiorella is our graphic designer; working out of Untapped Fine Wines' Uruguayan office. She’s worked locally and abroad as a graphic designer and is slowly becoming in charge of the visual image of the company. Working closely with the marketing team in Melbourne, Fiorella is passionately getting more involved in the wine business and it's world.

Being a fervid traveller, she has lived in different countries for some time, with London her most recentdestination. During the five years in which she resided there, Fiorella was able to absorb plenty of Europe’s culture and its relationship with South American culture. She worked at a prestigious Argentinian restaurant for almost a year, where she had the opportunity to get involved for the first time with Argentinian wines; getting to know the winemaking process, people, consumers and most interestingly the uniqueness that each bottle can bring within.

Now, being part of the Untapped Fine Wines team, she hopes to keep broadening her experiences and knowledge about wine and use the chance to contribute with what she can offer from the design world.