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Marques de Vargas



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Location and Climate

Marques de Vargas is located in the Hacienda Pradolagar Estate in Logroño, Rioja Alta, Spain, in the heart of the Ebro Valley, in a region known as the “Three Marquis”.

Rioja is a privileged region for the cultivation of grape vines, with the Ebro river running through it, the Cantabria mountain range to the north, and the Demanda mountain range to the south. The soil is calcareous and clayey, very poor in nutrients, but excellent conditions for the quality of fruit it produces.


Marques de Vargas's philosophy is to take care from the beginning of the process with the planting of the vines, treating their vineyards as though they were the most refined garden.



Saying “Marqués de Vargas” in the wine world is naming four generations dedicated to the production and sales of excellent Rioja wines. The title of the Marqués de Vargas is held by a family closely linked to this important viticultural region. It was in 1840 when Felipe de Mata, the eighth Marqués de Vargas, planted the first vines in the outskirts of Logroño. Especially memorable was Hilario de la Mata, the father of the current Marqués de Vargas, whom for years presided over one of the most emblematic wineries in Rioja. In 1989, Pelayo de la Mata, the current Marqués de Vargas, realised his father’s dream by building a winery on the Estate Hacienda Pradolagar in Logroño.

A series of illustrious names mark the family tree of the current Marques de Vargas, names of exceptional individuals in the history of winegrowing in La Rioja:
Don Diego Quintano appears on the maternal branch, an enlightened master and friend of Jovellanos, who was already a pioneer in the winemaking of quality Rioja wines in the 18th century. On the same side, Galo de Pobes, an early leader in the exportation of Rioja vintages, shipped his wines to La Habana in the 19th century. In 1840 Felipe de la Mata, the grandfather of the current Marques de Vargas, planted the first vines on the outskirts of Logroño, on his own land, on the Hacienda Pradolagar Estate.

The most important “man of the wine”, who for many years presided over one of the most emblematic bodegas of La Rioja, was Hilario de la Mata, father of the present Marques de Vargas – Don Pelayo de la Mata y Pobes.
“This cellar was my father’s illusion, but he could never make it a reality, firstly because his professional commitments prohibited it but also because he unfortunately died while still young at 66.”

Made by the golden hands of one of the greatest oenologist of Rioja, Francisco Javier Perez de Vergara, the Marques de Vargas wines symbolise the tradition, meticulous care, singularity, precision, love, inspiration and the fulfillment of a big dream, the very essence of our lives – the eternity.

Don Pelayo de la Mata y Pobes is an adventurous, intrepid and enterprising man who will always unexpectedly appear in new and innovative projects around Spain.He got the ball rolling when took over his father’s company Varma, based in Madrid, currently one of the leading and the most powerful importers of alcoholic beverages in Spain. Pelayo de la Mata is one of the great figures of the Spanish aristocracy and social importance.For example, in 1996 and 1997 the entire world talked about Don Pelayo de la Mata; when he as a newcomer he won the famous “Copa del Rey” sailing race together with his team “Cutty Shark”.


Viticulture Information:

The vines are never watered so as to avoid the weakening of the tannins, and no pesticides or herbicides are used. The vine stocks are pampered year round through different pruning processes and the removal of some grapes to improve the quality of the remaining grapes. With production levels restricted to 4,000-5,000kg per hectare in order to obtain the fruit at its optimum level of acidity, tannic structure and alcohol degree, they exclusively make red Reserva wines.



Francisco Javier Perez de Vergara: one of the greatest oenologists of Rioja

Cristina Mantilla: one of the leading and most acclaimed oenologists from D.O. Rias Baixas

Jorge Peique: their young and talented winemaker