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Location and climate

Viña Maquis Estate is located in the heart of the Colchagua Valley with vineyards that are surrounded by two large rivers, the Tinguiririca Rover and the Chimbarongo Creek. The influence of these waterways has an impact on lowering extreme high temperatures in the summer and increasing the temperatures during the winter months thus creating a microclimate within this valley. The rivers also provide a passage for breezes from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean that favour healthy viticulture.



This family venture dates back to 1870 when the predecessor of today’s winery, Ignacio Hurtado, cultivated vines and built the first winery in 1927 when he was just 23 years old. He was considered a revolutionary at the time for the ingenious way to control temperatures during fermentation and for using state-of-the-art French machinery. For nearly 60 years, the Hurtado family at Viña Maquis cultivated grapes that were sold to renowned neighbouring wineries.  


The Hurtado family replanted vineyards with the finest red wine clones available in both Chile and France at Viña Maquis Estate in the Colchagua valley in the early 1990s. In 2002, the family decided to make their own wine out of the terrific grapes in their own backyard. They built a beautiful, state-of-the-art gravity flow winery and set out to make Maquis Lien, a “Super Chilean” blend using the vineyard’s best red grapes that expressed the story of that vintage. The signature blend, Maquis Lien, was named as a tribute to their heritage and to the artisanal craftsmen of Chile. In Chile’s native Mapuche language, “lien” means “silver metal” – a reference to colonial Spanish coins that were once melted down to make fine jewellery like the silver lizard depicted on the Lien label. 

Over the years Viña Maquis has built a reputation for its excellent quality and as a serious producer. In 2005 the winery released its first Maquis Lien blend, though it was not until 2011 that the red mono-varieties were launched together with the Rosé.



The new state of the art winery was constructed in 2002 after several years of refining the management of the vineyards and quality of the grapes. The new winery was designed to allow for the expression of the characteristics and personality of the grapes in the clearest way possible. 


The idea was that for a number of stages in the winemaking process, no machinery would ever replace the quality and care of a passionate and professional team, so the winery was designed for facilitating an artisanal job where: 16 people could do the selection and hand sorting of the harvested bunches and berries; 14 people could perform manual pump overs during fermentation in case they needed the softest tannin extraction; their cellar master would have the time to supervise the pressing of the grapes in two small, classic vertical hydraulic presses; 3 people to take care of the wine whilst ageing in barrels, filling and racking; and 8 people could hand label and wrap every bottle of wine that comes out of the winery. 

The new winery with its gravity flow and energy saving systems came to life just in time for the 2003 harvest. 


Viticulture Information

Viña Maquis is planted with 284 acres of Syrah, Carménère, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Malbec. Given this site was originally an island enwrapped by the two large rivers, the soils of today’s vineyards are of alluvial origin with high content of gravel and clay. These elements contribute to the complexity and finesse of the wines. In addition to the ideal Mediterranean climate, the river adds rich minerals to the soil. The soil originated from the stones and sediments brought from the Andes Mountains by the rivers over thousands of years. The top layer is clay and silt with gravel underneath. This combination stresses the vines which results in smaller, more concentrated berries and distinctive mineral flavours. 

Vineyard management is meticulous and the use of chemical and sprays is minimal and only applied when necessary. The viticultural team focuses on encouraging the small, tightly clustered grapes in low yields per vine in order to develop deep, complex flavours. During harvest, the grapes are picked in blocks – hand selecting only the ripest grapes – with each block sometimes being picked five times over the harvest period, showing the great care that goes into finding pristine fruit. 

Xavier Choné, Maquis’ viticultural consultant, has drawn out the guidelines for developing the characteristics that reflect the identity of this terroir. As a result, their wines reflect a natural winemaking style, privileging freshness and varietal expression.



Managing Director and Winemaker: Ricardo Rivadeneira Hurtado

Chief Winemaker: Juan Alejandro Jofré – served as winemaker at Viña Maquis since 2003 and played an important role in the development of Maquis Lien. With experience working in several prestigious wineries throughout the world including Marlborough in New Zealand, Duero in Spain and California USA, his experience in different regions has assisted in his understanding of the unique terroir in Colchagua Valley. 

Consultant Viticulturist: Xavier Choné – a well-known Bordeaux-based viticultural specialist and one of the wine industry’s leading authorities on terroir. His clients include: Opus One, Dalle Valle, Loville Las Cases, Cheval Blanc and Domaine de la Romanée Conti. He works to create and manage vineyards with a balanced vigour that is ideally adapted to express the best potential of a variety. Xavier improves wine quality through the use of techniques that include soil and local climate analysis, irrigation management and strategic viticulture practices and has been working with Viña Maquis since 2004. 

Commercial Manager: Marcela Molina

International Sales Manager: Patricio Ulloa