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Loma Larga


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Location and Climate

Casablanca Valley is located in the central part of Chile, surrounded by hills as a part of the Coastal mountain range. The valley's climate is semi-arid Mediterranean with marine breezes at dusk which lower temperatures, causing high thermal oscillation between day and night. Ancient soils consist of layers of clay, sand, and decomposed granite that are easy for vine’s roots to penetrate. Loma Larga’s vineyards are located in Lo Ovalle, a small sub-valley only 25km away from the Pacific Ocean.



Loma Larga is a family owned business, with the Diaz family’s interest in wine dating back to the nineteenth century. Don Manuel Joaquín Díaz Escudero Alvarez de Toledo, grandfather of the owners of Loma Larga, personally brought French strains to Chile from his successive tours of Paris and Bordeaux. The vines were planted with the help of French winemakers in his estate “Chacra Victoria”, now located in the heart of Santiago city.


With their ancestors high quality wines being noted in the wine exhibition in Paris in 1889, the current generation began planting vines in their estate in Casablanca in 1999 with the intention of keeping this wine tradition alive.



Today, 100% of their wines come from their estate in Casablanca. The wine is produced in limited quantities at the Loma Larga winery, built in 2005. Every detail of the 213 square-metre building was designed not only to facilitate the winemaking process, but also to create a beautifully landscaped facility, with a vineyard on the roof. High technology systems, 350,000 litre capacity of mainly 5,000 litre stainless steel tanks and only French oak barrels (in mainly medium and low toast). The wines undergo no filtration or refining processes and only natural and selected yeasts are used along with a low level of sulphites. 



Viticulture Information

Loma Larga have differentiated themselves from the vast majority of Chilean wines with their 13 years of study and experience of the varieties and climate around the world that led them, in 1999, to plant not only varieties typical varieties for the Casablanca valley, but also non-traditional, such as Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Syrah. In a valley famous for its white wines, Loma Larga has ended up with a production of 85% red wine which has led to them being known as the “Rebels of Casablanca” and are today recognised as the leading producer of cool climate red wines in Chile. 


The secret is the natural adaptation of the vineyards at the Loma Larga’s terroir. By planting in poor soils (mostly hills), the plant concentrates its nutrients in the clusters and not in the excessive foliage, as occurs on fertile soils, resulting in high quality, low yields (14-16 tons/ha).

The difference in day and night time temperatures combined with cooling marine winds that provide permanent ventilation and circulation of the air, allows the grapes to ripen slowly and homogeneously and ensure good acidity. In a cool climate, the skin becomes thicker, allowing the wine to slowly and naturally extract more elements from the skins and improve its concentration.



Owners: Loma Larga is a family passion. The owners are Patricio and Rosita Díaz-Santelices both have personal careers, he’s a lawyer and she a psychologist, but wine has been always in the heart of this family. 

CEO: Felipe Díaz (one of the Patricio and Rosita’s sons)

Winemaker: Cédric Nicolle. Native of Loire Valley, Cédric has had 15 years experience working with cold climate grape varieties as such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. For ten years he travelled the world’s prestigious wine regions, particularly in New Zealand and Oregon. All these experiences have contributed to a love for and experience with cold climate wines and a search for finesse, elegance and fresh fruit is a constant pursuit. With its cold and dry climate, diversity of soils corresponding to the diversity of the varieties and the desire to produce exclusive, high quality wines made Loma Larga a perfect match for Cédric and his winemaking style and experience.