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Haras de Pirque


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Location and climate

Haras de Pirque is located in the Upper Maipo Valley where they enjoy a Mediterranean climate with rains concentrated in the winter.  Spring, summer and autumn are dry. Its cool climate is due to the altitude of the vineyards (650-800 metres above sea level), influence of the glaciers in the Andes Mountains refreshing the temperatures with cold winds, plus the influence of the Pacific Ocean.



Haras de Pirque is the union of two passions in a unique place where thoroughbred breeding and fine wine elaboration come together. The estate today covers 600 hectares, gently ascending in its southern boundary by the foothills of a transverse cord of the Cordillera de los Andes, in Pirque, Chile. In 1992, this sector of foothills was planted with 120 hectares of vineyards planted mainly with Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, from which they create premium wines and excellence that today gives life to their exclusive and award-winning winery. In addition, 20 more hectares of Syrah and Cabernet Franc were added in 1998.


The Haras itself, whose name honours the oldest thoroughbred horses breeding farm in Chile, was founded as Haras de Pirque in 1892 and impeccably developed, with three extensive pedigree stallions that gave exceptional foals. Haras de Pirque is today recognised internationally as an important supplier for breeders and owners in South and North America, while maintaining over 30 horses in the national competition.

In 1991, Eduardo A. Matte acquired an attractive estate located in Pirque, a prestigious winegrowing area situated in the Upper Maipo Valley, Chile. The Antinori family of Tuscany, Italy has been in the wine business since 1385, with 26 generations in the field and 1,700 hectares spread across Europe. In 2002, the current patriarch of the Antinori family became interested in the Haras de Pirque. The result of their partnership was the unique and intriguing wine, “Albis”, with its first vintage being awarded 91 points in Wine Spectator. 

Italian experts, led by the award-winning winemaker Renzo Cotarella, come to Chile to advise in the development and management of the vineyards and sharing their Italian palate to develop a superior and exclusive product that is a unique experience of the Old World combining with the New. In 2004, the partnership extended to all Haras de Pirque wines and is today a 50/50 joint venture.



The vineyards were planted in 1992 with the best available French varieties. The state-of-the-art horseshoe shaped winery, built in 1999, is one of the most modern in Chile and the only one of its kind in the world. The shape of the winery and its aspect on a hillside allows for the use of gravity in all essential operations and to minimise handling and slowly, gently move the wines along three levels. Here, they produce wines with the aim of establishing a new paradigm defined by outstanding quality, originality, refinement and passion.



Viticulture Information

The altitude of the Upper Maipo Valley, being in the foothills of the Andes, affords slow ripening due to its higher elevation. The steep hillside vineyards create natural drainage and low fertility. These conditions combine to restrict yields and produce top quality fruit with great intensity.



The wines are 100% estate grown and estate bottled which allows for a higher level of quality control. The vines are planted on their own rootstock and the grapes are 100% hand harvested to ensure selection of only the best fruit with each cluster being hand inspected and cleaned in winery. The wines are barrel fermented and aged in 100% French oak. 



Haras de Pirque strongly believes in the importance of sustainability as a holistic business policy. For this reason they have developed different projects aimed at sustainable and responsible production activity such as the handling of vineyards in organic agriculture, measuring their carbon footprint and energy efficiency programs.

Since the beginning of the project, Haras de Pirque has considered the organic management as the desirable alternative for the development and creation of their wines. They are confident that the potential of the vineyard rises when they promote the use of environmentally friendly practices. Their program has been developed gradually and they will reach the complete international certification of their vineyards in 2014. 


They firmly believe in sustainable development and continuous improvement of both their products and the management of their processes and are certified by different objective quality standards such as Certificate (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/08 by Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH (CERES) and the NOP Certificate of Organic Operation under the US National Organic Standard by Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH (CERES). A concern for the environment and sustainability as essential elements in the development of all processes in Haras de Pirque means a genuine commitment to excellence and quality. That is why they have the NOP Certificate of Organic Operation that guarantees their commitment to quality.



Winemaker: Renzo Cotarella

Winemaker: Cecilia Guzmán

Winemaker: Andrés Aparicio

Founder: Eduardo A. Matte

Managing Director: Eduardo B. Matte