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Gimenez Mendez




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Location and climate

The winery is located in Canelones Town, 45 km from Montevideo, north direction. The vineyards are placed in four different regions at the South of Uruguay: Las Brujas, Los Cerrillos, Canelon Grande and Montevideo. Las Brujas vineyard is the most important where the best grapes are harvested. This vineyard is  located 10 kms from Rio de la Plata. The family owns 100 há.

The climate is influenced by Atlantic breezes, much like the Bordeaux region, although warmer than the latter. While the intensity of sunlight is similar to Argentina and Chile, refreshing currents of cool air hail from the Antarctic.



In 1991, Luis Alberto Gimenez  and his wife  Marta Mendez, with a long tradition in the wine business, decided to produce premium wines for the domestic and  international markets.  Strong efforts were necessary to develop the vineyarads and the winery to find a unique flavour with a touch of international style.  Focused at first on taming the national Uruguayan ´s grape, Tannat, GIMENEZ MENDEZ has become one of the leading exporters of Uruguay.



Built in 1929 it has an important storage capacity.  The winery is fully owned and managed by the GIMENEZ MENDEZ family. GIMENEZ MENDEZ is a reliable supplier of high quality wine, oriented to a segment of demanding consumers and wine lovers interested in discovering the new sensations from the new world giving total confidence and satisfaction in every bottle, every wine and every harvest. These days, a team of three winemakers are facing the wine production with the cooperation of international consultants. 


Viticulture Information

The four vineyards are totally managed by an Agriculture Master.  Twenty four types of grapes are produced including Tannat, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Arinarnoa, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and others.  Integrated System is used on the vineyards, it´s the most  ecosystem ´s friend  system. Las Brujas vineyard is 100% surrounded  by natural meadows.  Las Brujas vineyard produces the best grapes. Plot 17A produce ultra premium tannat grapes used  to create the icon wine: LUIS A. GIMENEZ 



Marta Mendez – Owner and President of Wines of Uruguay 

Mauro Giménez  Mendez – winemaker

Luis Giménez Méndez – winemaker

Carla Falabrino – winemaker

Sebastián Gonzatto – Export Manager

Silvina Rosas – Marketing