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El Porvenir 


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Location and climate

El Porvenir is located in Cafayate: a small, remote valley located in the province of Salta, in the north of Argentina, with an extreme desert climate and vineyards planted between 1,700 and 2,200 metres feet above sea level. 

The principal influence on the vines is the wide day-night temperature fluctuation caused by the altitude – warm days and cold nights, very little rainfall and ample sunlight (with 320 days of sunlight each year). 

The soil is sandy and rocky, with excellent drainage, ideal for easily practicing integrated, sustainable and organic viticulture. The grapes obtained are very concentrated and very ripe, resulting in wines that have firm tannins but are also smooth and round.



The family began its love affair with the wine world when Don Roberto Romero put down roots with his first winery in Tolombón, which is a few kilometres from Cafayate. There, the pillars of this project were born: a strong commitment to the place, the highest dedication to the work, and a great love and respect for the terroir that has grown throughout all the years. 

Being a family winery defines their viticulture and El Porvenir de Cafayate has the luxury of being able to think long-term. They believe in Cafayate: its potential, its people, its history and its culture. They feel a deep respect and love for the terroir and they try to reflect this in their wines. 

They strive for be better and better each day, in search of an unprecedented, unique level of quality. They take the legacy of their ancestors and following the entrepreneurial spirit; they add innovative ideas, seeking their own betterment.

“Cafayate is our terroir and the cradle of our labour, where we simply add the most important element: the family.” 



In 2000 they acquired an old winery, they recreated the original infrastructure with advanced technology to allow them to make small batches of very high quality wines. Annual production in that year was 200,000 bottles.  At the same time they also restored the 45-year old Torrontés and Tannat vineyards, and planted other new vineyards. 

In El Porvenir de Cafayate they have maintained a vision: to make exceptional wines in a sustainable manner. And with the passing of each harvest, they feel that this vision is realised more and more strongly, as they achieve honest, true wines that reflect their origin. They proudly represent the essence of Cafayate. 


Viticulture Information

Finca El Retiro

This vineyard has 18 hectares planted 95% in pergola, the traditional manner, since they are 45 years old. They are located 1,750 metres above sea level; the predominant variety in this vineyard is Torrontés, although there are also Malbec and Tannat planted.  

Finca Río Seco

This vineyard has 60 hectares of vineyards framed by imposing hills. The entire vineyard is planted with red varietals with 2-cord vertical vine training. The average age of the vines is 12 years and the varietals planted are: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Tannat and Petit Verdot. The soils are poor in nutrients and demonstrate textures ranging from very rocky to very sandy, with a significant spectrum in between.



The team is made up of experienced professionals from the wine industry whose mission is to make exceptional wines that represent the best of Cafayate...

Winemaker: Mariano Quiroga Adamo. With El Porvenir since October 2010. He is one of the most promising new winemakers in Argentina. He has vast experience in the industry, having worked for more than 10 years in various significant wineries in Mendoza.

Consulting Winemaker: Paul Hobbs. Has worked together with Mariano as a consulting winemaker since 2010. El Porvenir believe that his winemaking experience and his high international profile will serve to empower the region and their wines.