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Location: DO Yecla, Spain


'The Art of Monastrell.' 



In 1950 Ramón Castaño Santa, son and grandson of winemakers built the winery and in 1975 acquired their first plot in ‘Las Gruesas’ . During the following years and up to the start of the 80s with the procurement of a top of the range bottling machine, Ramón did not stop in his determination for modernisation while ensuring high quality.

It was at the beginning of the 90s with his three sons: Ramón, Juan Pedro and Daniel, already working with him at the winery, that the winery's international journey began. It was at this point the winery was first recognised on a national and international level. This presence in new markets required further technological development of the winery to promote even better quality and enabled the family to be more competitive. In 2002 the winery was extended by 3000 m2 on two floors, both climate controlled. This includes a bottle storage area for aged wines with a capacity for 500 000 units which can also be stored in a refrigerated environment in preparation for pre-fermentation maceration.


Castaño is located in Yecla in the north of Spain's Murcia region (near the cities of Alicante and Murcia). The DO of Yecla is between 400 & 800m above sea level and has 6500 hectares of vines in total. Castaño owns around 450 hectares of vines across four estates throughout DO Yecla.

Castano DO Yecla vineyards.png

Castaño owns around 450 hectares of vines across four estates throughout DO Yecla. Two principal vineyards are Las Gruesas abd El Espinal.

  • Las Gruesas
    160 hectares in northern Yecla. Limestone soils are ideal for Monastrell, Chardonnay and Garnacha           Tintorera (the main varieties in this land).

  • El Espinal
    116 hectares in the south east of Yecla. Soil here is mainly clay and works very well with Monastrell,           Garnacha and Macabeo.


Yecla has a very distinct climate versus the rest of the province - it is continental. The lowest winter temperatures reach around -4º y -6º C and the highest in summer peaking at 42º C. The rainfall averages 250-300litres per m2/ year with average 3000 hours of sunshine. 






  •     Daniel, Ramón & Juan Pedro Castaño




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