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Casa Marin

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Location and climate

Casa Marín’s vineyards and winemaking facility are located in Lo Abarca, San Antonio Valley, Chile.

Because of its proximity to the ocean, Lo Abarca is constantly foggy regardless of whether or not it is summer or winter. It is also a very windy area with very cold temperatures during the grape growing and ripening period. Sometimes during September, October and November temperatures can drop suddenly to 2℃ or 3℃ below 0℃.



Maria Luz Marin is the founder and winemaker of Viña Casa Marin. Her career in the wine business spans two decades, and her wines earned numerous appraisals and awards worldwide. In 1999, Marilú started to make her dream come true and planted her first vines in Lo Abarca, which makes her until today the only female owner and winemaker of a Chilean Vineyard. Now together with her son Felipe Marin, she continues this beautiful and successful story…

Casa Marin is located in the village of Lo Abarca, only 4kms from the coast in the San Antonio Valley, making it countries closest vineyard to the Pacific Ocean. Casa Marin has been described as the “Most daring and innovative vineyard” in Chile and the unique microclimate and wine variety of soils found here, give birth to a rich “terroir” discovered for the viticulture of cool climate fine wines.On the hills of Lo Abarca Casa Marin 40 hectares are planted with the following varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir and Syrah.



Casa Marín is a family-owned estate vineyard & winery and is considered “the most radical vineyard site in the country”. 

The winemaking facility is a colonial-style structure that was finished in 2004 and specially designed for a boutique winery, with a storage capacity of 200 tons/180,000 liters. It is equipped with the latest technology and is adorned with Patricia Marín’s (María Luz´s sister) mosaics. 



Viticulture Information

To date, Casa Marín has 50 planted hectares separated into 8 blocks. The vineyards have unique soil and climatic conditions for vine growing but experts must take a chance and seek new ways to protect the plants because of them.  

Despite the severe weather conditions, the vines produce superior quality fruit. Harvests are not abundant, but the plants that grow here are strong, healthy and produce fine wines with a lot of character. 

According to geologists, this area was once part of the ocean which is why there have been high levels of calcium and minerals (each adds to the grapes) found in excavations the winery has done. In fact this is where the new plant name Tierras Blancas” (white soil) came from because of its color and the abundant presence of calcium carbonate. Casa Marín’s terroir is made up of 50 hectares of hills and valleys, of which 10 newly planted will be 100% organic. 



Owner, CEO and winemaker: Maria Luz Marin

Winemaker and viticulturist: Felipe Marin