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Location, Climate, and History

The Carrau family first began to grow wines in the famous wine region of Cataluña, Spain in 1752. In 1930 they moved to Uruguay to Las Violetas region in South America to continue this tradition. In this vineyard Carrau have one of the oldest vines of Nebbiolo and Tannat of the country.

After much searching Juan Carrau Pujol discovered a new region which had all the atributes required for making fine wines.

In 1976 vines were planted for the first time at Cerro Chapeu – Rivera in the north east of Uruguay. They are located on the parallel 32, it is at this latitude that other important wine regions of the Southern hemisphere such as Chile and South Africa are located. However, it was the rare kind of soil what attracted Juan Carrau to the site, in fact representing just 0.4 percent of the surface of the country. These deep sandy red soils of excellent drainage resulted in reduced yield crop of grapes with intense varietal character.


Also, Carrau has other winery located in Colón, some 10 miles north from Montevideo. Its cellars, built in 1887, are at the site chosen by Don Juan Carrau Pujol for his quality wine-making.  Its old Colonial State House and its beautiful surroundings provide the most perfect environment for wine tasting and selection of the best wines.

The Carrau winemakers, by marrying the latest techniques with two centuries of experience, produce some of South America´s best wines which are appreciated in such distant places as Germany, France, Canada, Holland, Great Britain and Sweden.




Capacity: 1,200,000L (Las Violetas vineyard), 500,000L (Rivera vineyard)

Equipment: French and American oak casks (220L), stainless steel tanks, epoxy-lined cement


Viticulture Information

Most important varieties: Whites: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc

Reds: Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot  Noir and Cabernet Franc

Hand-picked in small cases at their optimum ripening stage, with very low yields of less than 50 hectoliters per hectare result in great concentration varietal character.  The secret of how to obtain the best grapes has been passed down since 1752 through ten generations of the Carrau family.  Today, as always they work with the goal of grape quality constantly in mind.  Clone selection and recovering the old plant material adapted to environment of both vineyard regions are some of the last development projects that allow Carrau to lead the changes of Uruguayan viticulture towards more exigent wine markets. 




Francisco Carrau was born in Montevideo in 1961 in a family marked by the fruits of the vineyards, being the ninth generation devoted to the grapes, starting in Catalonia and since 190 in Uruguay. Francsico Carrau graduated from the Biological Sciences Public University and post graduated in microbiology and wine biochemistry at Madrid Autonomous University.  Therefore he is marked by investigative criteria that give him a very infrequent profile and connection with the wine. He heads R&D department, which is an essential part of the company's strategy.  Francisco is currently studying a PhD in microbiology of wine aromas under the guidance Professor Dellacassa. 

Octavio Gioia was born in 1955 with Italian roots, his grandfather managed a winery in Canelones. Octavio Gioa is an Agronomic Engineer with a PhD from Torino University, where he introduced himself into the wine world. He has been working with the winery since 1988 and is in charge of quality control and production.