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Location and climate

The Bouza vineyards are in the southern part of Uruguay. This climate has great similarities with Bordeaux and the proximity of the ocean moderates the summer temperatures.  They rarely exceed 34°C.

The climatic changes demand that we work very hard in the vineyards but the rewards are great - strong, individual and complex wines.  Of course, they vary from year to year. Rain is plentiful and makes irrigation unnecessary. 

The Montevideo vineyard is features 10 year old vines. The Las Violetas Canelones vineyards (30 kms north from the winery) features 30 to 40 years old vines. 




In 1998 the family bought the vineyard in Las Violetas but for a few years they made the vintages at some other´s wineries until they built their own. That was in 2003, after having restored a 1940’s building that used to be a winery in the decades of the 50s and 60s. From the beginning of this project, directed by Juan Bouza and his wife, Elisa Trabal, they decided to join forces with Eduardo Boido as winemaker.



It was built in 1942 by the original family that owned the property, Pesquera,  following the model of a French chateaux. This family already managed the concept of “fine wine”, front-line idea for the wines of Uruguay at that time. In 2002 we restored the building maintaining the original idea. We now have a blend of traditional concepts and the necessary technology to ensure the best modern vinification practices.

State of the art technology is not enough if it doesn't go hand in hand with a gentle handling of the fruit and conditions that allow minimal intervention. With these guiding principles, the final goal has been met maximum expression of the fruit in our wine and the adequate concentration for cellaring potential.


Small tanks have been used in fermentation, adequate for plot vinification. This allows each plot to be separated and identified during all the process. Working at a small scale allows the winery to be closer to the details and achieve better results.


Viticulture Information

Plots are located in two traditional vine growing regions on the south of Uruguay, very close to the sea. The vineyards are situated on fertile, well drained soils, with differentiated soil layers and the presence of Calcium Carbonate. These characteristics make them suitable for producing concentrated wines with long cellaring potential.

The soils have a permanent varied grass and flower covering, forming an adequate habitat for insects. 


Each parcel or plot is unique because of different reasons: soil, origin and age of the plants, trellising and planting system, management.

Management of each plot is "reasoned" also according to the characteristics of the site where it is situated, and the special climatic features of each harvest.



The directors of the project are Juan Bouza, Elisa Trabal his wife, and Eduardo Boido, Doctor in Oenology, Chemical Engineer but most important, a passionate  winemaker. About 50 people work in the 2 properties, all of them sharing the philosophy that being closer to each detail from the vineyard to the glass of wine served at our restaurant gives great satisfaction.