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Baron Philippe de Rothschild



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Baron Philippe de Rothschild Chile was established in 1990 in Maipo Valley. The objective of Baroness Philippine de Rothschild was to bring the art of French "assemblage" of her famous Bordeaux house into Chilean winemaking and to revindicate varieties such as "Carmènere". Their three brands, Escudo Rojo, Mapu and Anderra are a tribute to the passion of Baron Philippe in Chilean winegrowing.


Location and climate

The grapes they use to make their wines comes from three vineyards: Maipo Valley, Central Valley and  Rapel Valley. Each one has their own characteristics that develop the grape perfectly to be used for their wines. 

Maipo Valley has a temperate climate and its soil, poor in alluvial deposits and rich in pebbles, is ideal for expressing the power, elegance and minerality of the wines. The combination of summer heat with the influence of the Andes produces a marked day/night temperature differential highly favourable to preservation of the fruit.

Central Valley has an ideal climate for viticulture,especially on account of its semi-arid Mediterranean climate. Baron Philippe de Rothschild's Maipo winemakers have chosen the Central Valley for the variety of its terroirs. The north is dry with stony subsoil, while the damper south has clay soil that ensures a natural supply of water.

Rapel Valley has a variety of soils and large amplitude of temperature differences. Two types of soil have been chosen to favour the full expression of the Carmènere grape: deep clay soil for the concentration and power of the fruit, and gravelly clay soil of the "maicillo" type, which brings elegance and minerality.



The Baron Philippe de Rothschild winery is located in the center of the Maipo Valley, 30 km south of Santiago. It has a sober and elegant architecture, constructed in steel and wood, reflecting the will to unite the latest technologies with the great Bordeaux wine tradition. The winemakers apply a rigorous policy of land selection in its own vineyards, located around the winery, but also sources grapes from the best terroirs of its vineyard partners.

Thus, the plots of higher quality are selected and carefully monitored throughout the year in accordance with strict specifications and under the regular control of the winemakers. The grapes are harvested by hand and taken to the cellar. After several successive manual selections of the grapes harvested, they are destemmed and then pressed before winemaking begins. The values ​​of Baron Philippe de Rothschild are to blend high technology and wine tradition.



Escudo Rojo: