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Location and climate:  

Located in 'Quebrada de Macul', the historical heart of the Maipo Alto Valley, at the foot of the Andes Mountains, near Santiago city. The terroir of Viña Aquitania is characterised by a poor, well draining soil which allows the roots to grow deep, and a microclimate which allows for very good exposure to sunlight, warm days, cool nights and no rainfall during ripening and harvesting.



In 1984, Bruno Prats and Paul Pontallier, two well-known agronomists and oenologists from Bordeaux, France, decided to look for high quality land in Chile to plant a totally new vineyard. Their third associate was their Chilean friend, agronomist and oenologist Felipe de Solminihac, whose origins are actually French. 

In 1990, they acquired 43 acres in the 'Quebrada de Macul'. They planted typical Bordeaux varieties, grown in Chile for many years already. The construction of the cellar was completed in 1993.


In January 2003, Ghislain de Montgolfier, an agronomist and oenologist from the Champagne region in France, and an old friend of the founders, became the fourth associate, or the 'fourth musketeer' as he says, evoking the novel of Alexander Dumas.



The construction of the cellar was completed in 1993. It is in a Chilean style and is the perfect size for their production. They produce around 180,000 bottles per year.


Viticulture Information:  

Irrigation during the development of the grapes is strictly controlled. The vines are planted in 45 acres (18 hectares) in rows running from north to south, on a slope in an east/west direction, at an altitude ranging from 675 to 721 metres above sea level. The vines are cordon trained at a density of 1,700 vines per acre.

Due to the absence of phylloxera, the vines are ungrafted, and spraying against diseases is limited solely to the use of sulphur.



- Technical Team/“The Four Musketeers”: 

Bruno Prats: International winery owner/winemaker. Agronomist Engineer and Oenologist. Partner of Viña Aquitania S.A. in Chile since 1990.

Paul Pontallier: Agronomist Engineer and Oenologist. Winemaker and current Chief Executive Officer of Chateau Margaux since 1983. Partner of Viña Aquitania S.A. in Chile since 1990.

Felipe de Solminihac: Agronomist Engineer and Oenologist. Consultant Winemaker of several Chilean vineyards. Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Chief Executive Officer of Viña Aquitania. 

Ghislain de Montgolfier: Agricultural Engineer. President of Champagne Bollinger from 1993 to 2008. Currently President of Producers of Grapes and Wines from Champagne, France. Partner of Viña Aquitania S.A. in Chile since 2002.

- Winemaking and Production: Angela Jara M.